Key Issues


•      Our military needs to be matched to the modern threats that face us. I favor readiness of equipment and personnel over maintenance of outdated weapons systems. Often we see the development of weapons systems that the military commanders are not even asking for.

•      As a subject matter expert in recent Middle East problems, we need to be more highly focused on old fashion Human Intelligence.  We can’t be fixated on the "Last War". 

•      I favor less long-term deployment of troops worldwide and I don’t believe in military intervention unless there is a tangible nexus to American national safety and security.

Health Care

•      Every bipartisan analysis tells us that the single greatest driver of our National deficit is our spiraling out of control health care costs. We don’t just need reform but a transformational overhaul.  It is mathematically impossible to attack the deficit without changing our approach. To send anyone else to Congress that does not understand where the solutions are found, is pure folly.

•      With all the changes in Health Care one thing is certain; we have more people with insurance but there are not more doctors.  In fact, due to low reimbursements, bureaucracy, and lack of tort reform, many good providers are leaving. Transferable and inheritable Health Savings Empowerment accounts go at most of the major problems with health care dissatisfaction and cost containment. This, coupled with interstate competition for true catastrophic high deductible policies, will massively improve both access and outcomes.

•      Cost containment is the key driver to fixing the system. There is no greater cost containment measures than tapping into the collective dynamism of the American family system and simultaneously returning control to the Patient and the Doctor.

-One of the great unintended consequences of government manipulation of the market dynamics of our healthcare system is the explosion in irresponsible treatment facilities proliferating in our district. This has also contributed a disproportional increase in the number of our homeless population. Under my health plan, this will stop! I have also taken a pledge "I pledge not to knowingly have a financial stake in or take contributions from the for-profit Addiction Recovery Industry, its associations, PACs, lobbyists or owners and instead will prioritize the lives, safety and welfare of recovering addicts over profits.".  

Environment and Energy

•      I oppose offshore drilling in California. I am a surfer and appreciate the delicate balance of our ocean.  We have plenty of other options now. We must maintain clean air, oceans, forests, deserts and maintain public access for the enjoyment of all.

•      I support clean renewable energy initiatives so long as they have a market driven sustainability without open ended subsidy.

•      I support the opening up of DARPA funded energy technologies for the benefit of U.S. industry and mankind.  Recent discoveries of Nobel Prize recipients hold promise in the harnessing of gravitational waves providing free unlimited clean and renewable energy.

•      San Onofre must not be considered a suitable long-term storage of nuclear waste. It must be moved off site.

Sanctity of Life

•      I have been strongly Pro-Life my entire life with no wavering.

•      While I recognize Roe v. Wade as a flawed decision, it is the current law of the land. Having said that, there should never be any Federal funding for elective abortion.

•      I favor restricting the funneling of girls and young women towards presumptive abortions. As we have all learned recently, they are a ghoulish industry taking advantage of overwhelmed young people. They are force feeding what, for most, will be the most regrettable decision of their life.

•      I favor adoption as a priority.

2nd Amendment

•      I am a strong proponent of our constitutional right to bear arms.

•      In California we currently have the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. I do not believe the we need more federal laws to further restrict responsible gun ownership. There is certainly room for more efficiency in federal background checks.

•      The bottom line is: I have seen the most deranged evil in the world “up close and personal” in my fights with ISIS. It was personal gun ownership I witnessed first-hand that stopped the evil.  It is the evil of this broken world that is the  problem with gun violence, not the implements.  Sub-Humans will do unspeakable evil and that is the reality. No amount of laws can stop this fact.

Immigration & Border Security

The Problem

As Healthcare Practitioner, we are trained to look at a spectrum of disease involvement and solve for the optimal achievable outcomes. There is much that can be used from this mindset and approach and applied to the integrated range problems of created out of our current dysfunctional approach to this issue. It has long been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome. We must do things differently. We as a society are a compassionate one, rooted in our Judeo-Christian origin. The American motto is “E pluribus Unum” Out of many…One. Let’s start with the easiest first.

Dreamers: DACA and Non - DACA

We must pursue a market driven solution to all immigration. All immigration is rooted in economics, to ignore this reality is intellectually dishonest. In creating policy, society cannot change the fundamental economic forces any more than one can change the forces of physics. It seems that all of the ineffective and dated of Left and Right arguments ignore this point. Official and non-official so-called Dreamer’s should be granted non-resident status with no pathway to voting rights. They should be allowed to stay provided they obey the laws and commit no crimes. They should also not be able to unfairly receive special fast-track to non-resident alien or “green card” status. They will simply be able to manage the application process from the U.S. (No touch-back provision) Problem solved, and Left and Right can agree .

Guest Worker Programs

My solution to this is applicable toward everything from agricultural and construction to high tech and biotech and everything in between. A guest worker visa fee in the range of $9 per day for work only . It is projected that in the first year it will generate $27 billion. The guest worker would not be eligible for any social welfare services and must not commit any crimes for renewal. The workers can go and come at - will without concern for personal safety (700 people per year perish needlessly crossing the border) in an unregulated fashion ; no other family members, just the workers. The fee would be set periodically and float for the demand of labor vs unemployment rates. Most significantly the money raised can be used to mount a large PR campaign in the top 20 countries of origin for serial criminal immigration offenders (Mike Schmitt ’s original term) to stop the supply of potential “New Dreamers” in the future. This fix will do four things: 1) It will destroy the black market for labor and potential abuses to vulnerable workers; 2) It will preserve and increase wages for entry level jobs for native born American teens and young adults entering the workforce; 3) It will allow us to spend our limited immigration and enforcement resources on more problematic offenders; 4) It removes the criminal conspiracy and complicity of employers that economically need the labor to maintain their business and keep generating taxes in U.S ., California and the 49th district.

VISA Overstays

We must reduce the economic magnets that are destroying our budget. According to the Center Migration Studies, 42% of all undocumented immigrants are visa over-stays. No amount of border security “walls” or “fences” will impact the derivative fiscal and health care problems unless this is practically and forcefully dealt with. This is an integral component to reducing the spiraling freight train of costs in Medicare. I propose that we only allow eligibility to those who have been in the country and paid into the system for at least 15 years.