About Me

I was born and raised in Southern California to hardworking self-made parents. My mother is a retired school teacher and my father is a retired Audiologist and small home developer/entrepreneur. It was through this upbringing I learned my core values of personal responsibility, service and hard work.

I found love and am happily married to the beautiful bride of my youth of 32 years now. Together we successfully raised our two very talented, married, adult children in South Orange County. I currently reside in Dana Point as do my children in their own households.

I came to college age during the severe real estate recession of the early eighties where our family small development business nearly went bankrupt. During the financial strain, I started at Jr. College where I wrestled and played football seeking a scholarship. After suffering a series of disabling ankle and knee surgeries, I managed to work my own way through State College. I went to night school finishing with an undergraduate B.S. degree in business and real estate.


After working in mortgage banking, I founded several specialty medical clinics in Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles Counties, during the late nineties.  Sadly, a dysfunctional partner and partnership caused me to divest and reimagine my career.  After discovering the fulfilment of a healing profession, I chose to pursue that higher purpose and transcend the facets of commercial endeavors. I went back to school, at great personal cost, to earn a master’s degree and doctorate in neuro-audiology.  I have dedicated my professional life to serving some of the most severely disadvantaged populations in Southern California regardless of race, country of origin, creed or socioeconomic status.  I currently operate as a sole proprietor practitioner imbedded in a primary care specialty.




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