Finally…. a trustworthy conservative with proven valor, fiscal discipline and record of service. 


Non-Politician 49th District

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Integrity, Valor, Servant Leader   


Why I'm Running

What makes my candidacy superior?

I am a unifier and bold leader, not a politician. In an era of lack of trust with politics I am the most trustworthy candidate in the race. I am a man of integrity, honor, character and accomplishment with a unique skill set to look at our great country’s biggest problem; of not having a balanced budget.  It is from here that we can solve the rest of our problems. Whether it is health care, education, national security; all sectors are degraded without a balanced budget. I believe in pursuing outcomes that have data to support them, not just feelings. I firmly believe in applying market-based solutions to our country’s greatest challenges. I don’t believe in using tired canned political one-liners. Most importantly, while I am running as a Constitutional Republican, I won’t walk into office with allegiances controlling my voting. This will allow me to work across the aisle on important non-partisan issues. This is the key to making the greatest country in the world able to function up to its God given potential. I’ve experienced the hardship and realities of starting businesses. I also know the struggles of raising a family in South Orange County. Unlike Congressional history, I’ve experienced what it is to create and live within a budget.

    I am the only candidate in the race who actually works fulltime as a health care practitioner and has real solutions to make peoples lives better. In short, I propose to take the best proven attributes of the Singapore healthcare system and apply them to fix our system.  We  will achieve portability, no restrictions on preexisting conditions, better infant mortality rates, better access, longer lifespans, most importantly reduction of costs driving our out of control Federal budget. This is also the best way to reduce the over consumption problems in our current mosaic of healthcare systems.

•     I have more advanced college degrees than any party affiliated candidate running.  I am the most qualified candidate to offer education outcomes and opportunities previously unimagined. 

     I am the only candidate in the race who has a bona fide track record of directly assisting (through personally taking survivor testimonies) in drafting bipartisan resolutions at the Congressional level. (H.R. 75 March 2016 passing 393-0 declaring ISIS failed attempt at an Islamic Caliphate a Genocide for international law posterity)

•      I am the only candidate in the race that has self-funded 3 Iraqi trips within a 2 year period. While there I met with members of Parliament and minority political leaders. I did this to explore effective ways to combat ISIS from a humanitarian and political perspective. This was done all while transcending, creed, tribe, ethnicity or sect.

     I am the only candidate in the race that has personally funded and materially supported Iraqi freedom fighters. These men bravely conducted sabotage raids behind enemy lines in ISIS controlled territory.  

     I am the only candidate that assisted in funding networks of operatives purchasing girls in ISIS’s dastardly sex slave markets behind enemy lines in Mosul and smuggling them out to safety.

•      I personally reported intelligence information collected by me at great personal risk and expense  to House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce(R). It was the theft of USAID paid for generators. These generators were essential to allow Internally displaced Iraqi Christians from Telskuf, Iraq to return to their liberated homes. This intelligence was a factor in the current administration’s change in policy. The new policy is to directly fund aid groups including Faith-Based NGO’s, instead of working through an incompetent U.N. (Formally implemented November 2017)

Experienced in working as lay-person with Congressional leaders. 

Experienced in working as lay-person with Congressional leaders. 

•      Through personally supported lobbying efforts, my cohorts saw the crafting and passage of Congressional action denouncing Turkey’s government criminal attacks on peaceful protesters on U.S. soil. (H.R. 354 June 2017 passing 373-0)

     Building on the success of H.R. 357 continued efforts of my cohorts have materialized to pass California A.B.1597 in the Assembly the prohibitions of California Public Pensions of investments in Turkey.

In business there is a saying; past performance is a good predictor of future results. Imagine what a “non-politician” candidate with my experience and record can accomplish versus the others in the race. I’m not just pursuing naked political ambition simply to add “Former Congressional Candidate” to a resume or for some personal business gravitas. I work in a healing profession, so it is of no consequence.

The single most insidious problem

The previous administration racked up more debt than all previous presidents combined, and the previous spend and borrow mentality of the Bush Era Republican Congress preceded that. Never has our nation faced greater peril with a debt approaching a staggering 21 trillion dollars. We are leaving ourselves and our progeny with a previously unimagined future of debt-slavery and malaise.

Every aspect of the United States’ past strength is threatened unless we balance our budget. Whether it be health care, national defense, education, economic sovereignty, or really any issue of importance to you as a voter. We need bold solutions not happy talk.

New Era or Old Mistakes

The shocking political earthquake of the 2016 primary and general elections resulted in seeing the country reject all of the past political norms to break free of the old ways.  This presents the 49th district as a key fulcrum by which the country’s fate will be decided. Not only do we have an open seat, but California has an open primary. For better or for worse, California has broken new territory on many things. In this election, with an open seat we now can truly break new ground. One thing I love about this congressional district’s election history, is that the 49th is a “thinking persons” district. Whether it is sending the first write-in member elected to Congress in Ron Packard, or the strong Libertarian strain of votes in each election. I’m the Republican most likely to both capture sensible Independent votes, Health Care concerned Democrats, and Faith voters in the primary.

The ineffective leadership wings of both Democratic and Republican party structures are just resorting to their old playbooks. Whether it washed up Swamp Critters on the Right, or the false and rejected Socialist ideas of the Left. This district deserves better!